Company Overview

Total Comfort Medical is a limited liability company that specializes in creating new products in the medical field, for both healthcare professionals and patients, by focusing on two main goals:

  1. To produce innovate solutions to existing products that have not been modified in decades.
  2. To create new solutions for current medical problems not receiving any attention.
Joseph Edwin Johnson
Joseph Edwin JohnsonFounder and CEO

Our Story

During the summer of 2013, Joseph Johnson became exposed to some of the problems facing the current medical community. Many of Joe’s family members and friends work in the medical community, which is where he first started to learn about some of these problems. Many of the complaints were in the form of doctors and healthcare professionals not having enough access to the tools and supplies they needed to perform their job at a higher level. There were also many issues coming from the patient side, including the reduced level of quality, comfort, and appearance in many of the medical offerings.

Given this information, Joe researched different areas of the medical market and found that a lot of the supplies for healthcare professionals were outdated and most of the products for the patients offered poor quality, had little comfort, and appeared old or clunky. One of the first products that Joe heard the most complaints about were knee pads. After doctors performed knee replacement surgery on their patients, they had no recommendation for knee protection to offer them after their recovery period. Additionally, patients were complaining of not being able to find any knee pad to use after they completed their recovery process. The only knee pads they could find were big, bulky, and ugly; and they were not even comfortable. Simple tasks that required kneeling became extremely painful, especially for patients who enjoyed activities like gardening and yoga, or for patients who worked in construction or one of the trade industries.

After talking with many patients and doctors, Joe knew this was a serious problem that deserved a quality solution. He set out to create a knee pad that incorporates the elements of design and comfort – a sleek, stylish, and comfortable alternative to the big, bulky, and poorly made knee pads currently on the market. Joe spent the next two years researching the most advanced padding and the highest quality materials. Working alongside leading orthopedic doctors, Joe found the ideal materials to use in a knee pad. He then worked with industrial designers to develop a new ergonomic design that alleviates many of the problems he heard people complain about with current knee pads. The final product was officially completed during the summer of 2015. The product has 3 patent pending features and is the first and only doctor recommended knee pad.

The research and development that went into the first knee pad has lead to the ideas for 2 more offerings in this product line. When researching customers who experienced pain when kneeling, Joe found another market that could really use an improved cushioning solution, yoga. People who practice yoga also experience pain in their knees, hands, and elbows. After developing the most comfortable cushioning material for a knee pad, Joe knew transitioning this advanced core material to a new yoga pad would be very easy. Development has begun on a small, portable pair of pads without straps that can be used to cushion a person’s knees, hands, or elbows when practicing yoga. A third product is also being developed to create one large kneeling pad for people who prefer using one foam pad to kneel on, instead of two pairs of pads for each knee.

After development is complete for the knee pad without straps and the kneeling pad, Total Comfort Medical has many other products they are ready to start developing to bring more advancement into the medical field and more comfort into the world.


To help people live with more comfort and freedom.


To continually improve people’s comfort for an improved quality of life.


Total Comfort Medical stands on five main pillars which include: understanding, innovation, quality, vision, and pride. We seek to understand the true needs of our customers and find market problems that deserve a quality solution. We then look to create an updated product offering centered around those needs of the customer. Throughout the research and design process, we not only look at innovating the products to function at a higher level and appear more aesthetically pleasing, but we also focus on creating a solution with the highest quality materials. We value our customers and believe they deserve quality solutions as a part of all our products.

While focusing on continually improving our current product offerings, we also maintain a strong vision within the company to make sure we are constantly moving forward. Our strategic long term planning ensures we are always looking to create new areas of improvement in our market. The final company value and most significant is pride. We take pride in everything we do and everything we offer by choosing to uphold Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts.

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