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Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

The Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) is one of the most popular orchids to grow indoors. If you look closely, the middle of the flower looks like the head of a moth, with the pedals representing the wings of a moth. Keep reading to view more pictures!

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Caleana Major (Flying Duck Orchid)

The Caleana Major (Flying Duck Orchid) is a very rare flower found in the southern and eastern part of Australia. While its appearance resembles a flying duck, it actually has a sneaky survival secret. Continue reading to discover their crafty tactics!

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Orchis Simia (monkey orchid)

The Orchis Simia, commonly known as the monkey orchid is a greyish pink flower that resembles the body of a monkey. Read more to learn about this amazing flower!

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Knee Pads Are Ready to Ship!

Production is complete and the knee pads are ready to ship! Check out some of the pictures from the factory!