Bosse Tools just reinvented the shovel, and it never looked so good. The unique part of their design has to do with their patent-pending grip. The center handle of the shovel actually rotates 360º so you can angle the handle in any direction. There are 16 total lockable handle positions.

The ability to angle the handle based on your current positioning proves to be very important for a users comfort, including their wrists and lower back.


The fiberglass design makes the shovel extremely lightweight, which just adds to the overall benefit and ease of use.

They currently have three designs: a round point, a snow/scoop, and a flat head. They all feature the rotating handle and a custom paint job that will make others gaze with envy.

3 Ergonomic Shovels

Help improve your posture and hand alignment, while making your work so much easier. Whether your next job has you digging a hole, scooping dirt, or moving snow, make sure you use a Bosse and experience the benefits of the first ergonomic shovel.