The Caleana Major (Flying Duck Orchid) is a very rare flower found in the southern and eastern part of Australia. Its appearance resembles a flying duck, hence the name Flying duck Orchid.

Celeana Major Flowers

Anywhere from 2-4 flowers can grow on one stem, with a single leaf that grows near the base of the stalk. Flowering occurs from September to January.

Caleana Major

Photo: Boaz Ng

While we view this flower as a duck, it actually attracts male sawflies. They see the flower as a female sawfly and try to mate with it.


The labellum, which looks like the ducks beak on the flower, acts like a trap. The vibrations of the sawfly landing on the labellum triggers the trap to spring down on the insect and trap it in place. The only way to escape is to go backwards over the pollen. This process is known as pseudocopulation and actually pollinates the flower without the sawfly knowingly doing so.

Flying Duck Orchid

Photo: Bill Higham

This unfortunately is not yet possible to grow, due to the roots needing a special fungus only found in its native habitat. For now, you just have to enjoy the pictures =) Share this with your friends below!

Featured Image Photo:Ken-ichi Ueda