Knee Pad Comparison

The design and development behind the Total Comfort Knee Pad started with a thorough level of research into the current product offerings. The team at Total Comfort Medical spoke with hundreds of users to identify the main pain points in the market, and we focused on how we can eliminate those problems with a new industry solution.

The product we have developed has been tested and refined for over two years. Whether you are a gardener, contractor, do-it-yourselfer, yoga enthusiast or even a total knee replacement patient, this knee pad is an improved product and a superior alternative for any task at hand.

What’s the Difference?

Dual Layer Memory Foam IconDual Layer Memory Foam

Enjoy the comforts of our 1 inch thick progressive resistance dual layer memory foam. 

No Pinch Strap IconNo Pinch Strap

Total Comfort Knee Pads feature an ergonomically designed curved strap, so there’s never any pinching or binding behind your leg. 

Sleek and Stylish IconSleek and Stylish

You’ll love the discrete design of these sleek knee pads that you’ll never be embarrassed to wear. 

Lightweight and Breathable IconLightweight and Breathable

The fabric on this knee pad is breathable and moisture-wicking, so you’ll always stay cool, dry, and comfortable. 

Staying Up IconStaying Up

These knee pads will always stay on your knees without falling down or needing readjustment, because the straps are secured on your upper calf.






Stiff Foam IconStiff Foam

Don’t hurt your knees by kneeling on stiff foam that offers little cushioning. 

Pinching and Binding IconPinching and Binding

Get rid of those old knees pads with straps that pinch and bind behind your leg, because the last thing you need is more pain or distractions. 

Big and Bulky IconBig and Bulky

Aren’t you sick of those cumbersome knee pads with bulky plastic shells on the outside? 

Hot and Heavy IconHot and Heavy

With big plastic knee pads, you carry around a lot of weight and trap in a lot of heat. 

Falling Down IconFalling Down

Don’t settle for knee pads that like to fall down your leg and require you to readjust them constantly.