Knee Pad Reviews 

(Conducted During R&D and Product Testing)

I used to hate knee pads because they always fell down my leg and distracted me from my gardening, but with these, they always stay put without requiring adjustment.
The Dual Layer padding feels like my memory foam mattress! My knees never felt so good!
I like the design of these knee pads because the straps wrap all the way around my leg and keeps my clothes clean. And they are so comfortable!
Finally a nice knee pad to wear in the garden! Thank goodness I can get rid of those bulky ones I stole from my husband.
I work on my knees all day as a tile layer, so I’ve become an expert in knee pads. I can say without a doubt, these are by far the most comfortable ones I’ve ever owned!
I used to stop wearing knee pads at work, because they dug into the back of my leg. Once I tried these on, I was converted back! I forget I’m even wearing them.
The memory foam feels great and is so much better than any gel knee pad I’ve ever used. Go do yourself a favor and buy a pair!
These knee pads have it all! They’ve got the best padding, they don’t pinch behind my legs, and they actually stay on my knees without constantly falling down!
Kneeling after my total knee replacement surgery used to hurt until now. The padding in these knee pads are amazing!
Going back to work after a knee replacement is always tough. The memory foam in these knee pads provide the added comfort I need. There’s no product like this.
After I got my knees replaced, I was very nervous about kneeling. These knee pads take away my fear and give me the freedom to work as I please.
The most important thing I needed after my knee arthroplasty was to protect my knees at work. This knee pad is super comfortable and the progressive resistance foam feels better than any knee pad I’ve ever worn!
I like to use these knee pads instead of the towel I used to use when my knees started hurting. Thank you for a better solution!
The foam in these knee pads feel so good, I actually use it for my hands and elbows during yoga!
I tried wearing knee pads for yoga before, but they were just too big and bulky. Now I don’t have to worry about that, because these are nice and sleek!