Knee Pads for Work

Knee protection for work is very important for your long term health and day-to-day comfort. With jobs that require consistent kneeling, you need heavy duty knee pads that can withstand your work, while also providing comfort to help keep you focused on the task at hand.

Total Comfort knee pads provide the most advanced protection and comfort on the market for jobs like construction, flooring, tile laying, carpet laying, roofing and for workers like craftsman, contractors, plumbers, and mechanics.

The most important part of a knee pad is the actual padding, which is why we spent two years researching the most advanced foam on the market. The Total Comfort knee pad is the only product on the market with REAL memory foam. Look at the pressure dispersing qualities:

Pressure Mapping Foam Results

The entire padding is over 1 inch thick, which is a lot more than you’ll find in most other products. But those facts aren’t even the best part… we offer a progressive resistance dual layer foam structure for the most advanced cushioning in the industry (patent-pending).

With this progressive resistance padding, you receive the comforts of a soft memory foam, with the long-term support of a pressure dispersing bottom foam layer with more density.

You can forget about dealing with stiff foam anymore that hurts your knees or gel padding that squishes to the sides, leaving you with a thin layer of padding. We even have the laboratory research to prove we offer the best shock absorbing padding on the market. Check out an inside look at our foam cell structure compared to competitor EVA foam:

Foam Cell Structure Lab Testing

Total Comfort knee pads are leading the way with our cutting edge cushioning, which is why these are also the first and only doctor recommended medical knee pads, with specific approval for Total Knee Replacement patients.

While most competitors are trying to find the cheapest foam materials to use, we went after the most advanced (and yes we pay about 15-20 times more for this level of quality).

The laboratory tests show the superiority of our foam durability, shock absorption, and energy dispersion. If you want maximum comfort, you need the highest quality padding with the most advanced features. See how our foam durability compares:

Foam Graph w- Title_opt

Even though the focus has always been on the padding, we have also incorporated numerous other features to make this the clear choice for the best work knee pad.

The number one complaint we heard throughout our research and development was how aggravating it is to wear a knee pad that pinches and binds behind your leg. We completely eliminated this problem with our ergonomic no-pinch strap (patent-pending).

This strap has an ergonomically designed curve to prevent any annoying pinching or binding behind your knee. Since the knee pad secures itself on your upper calf, you also won’t have to worry about the knee pad slipping and sliding down your leg throughout the day.

Knee Pads for Work


Additionally, the knee pad contains a durable weather resistant fabric that can withstand any heavy duty work. It repels water, oil, and chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about what you are kneeling in or around.

You’ll always stay cool, dry, and comfortable with our breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics and open cell foam. Aren’t you tired of bulky knee pads that trap heat? Let your legs breathe and give yourself the comfort you deserve!

To learn about the many more features, visit our website showing you the best knee pads for work. If you are ready to buy now, follow this link to purchase your advanced heavy duty knee pads.

Knee Pads for Work