Knee Pad Overview

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This patented feature is something completely unique in the knee pad market. It offers a dual density foam core that allows your knees to gradually sink into the padding. The top layer of memory foam is a lower density layer that slowly absorbs the pressure from your knee. After your knee sinks through this top layer, the bottom layer of energy dispersing foam has a higher density structure, which provides a more supportive layer of padding. By combining the two layers of foam with gradual increasing levels of density, you will experience a progressive resistance cushion offering comfort and prolonged support.

This knee pad contains a top layer of custom contouring slow rebound memory foam. It is the only knee pad on the market with real memory foam, providing you with a luxurious kneeling experience described by many people as, “kneeling on clouds.” The memory foam will conform around your knee, giving you a customized one-of-a kind fit. It not only feels great, but it also retains 99% of its structure, even after years of repeated use.
Don’t settle for knee pads that provide limited padding! The foam in this knee pad is over 1 inch thick! There is a top layer of real memory foam for comfort and a bottom layer of energy absorbing foam for prolonged support.

Because of the patented ergonomic curve in the straps, this knee pad does not pinch behind your legs. The velcro fastener secures itself on your upper calf, leaving the area behind your knee pinch free!

Instead of containing thin straps, this knee pad was designed with thick straps that are part of the main structure of the knee pad. The straps wrap around your legs and provide you with protection from any dirt, debris, or water. Your skin and clothes are covered from all angles – front, side, and back.

What Makes Them The Best Work Knee Pads?


Total Comfort’s Knee Pad offers a one inch thick foam core composed of two different layers. The top layer of padding is a real memory foam that contours around the knee of a user. It provides a soft point of contact that absorbs the initial pressure of your knee. The bottom layer of padding is an energy dispersing foam. This layer provides a sustained level of support. Combined together, the two foam layers form a patented progressive resistance padding for the best knee pad cushion on the market!

Total Comfort Knee Pad Inside Foam View


The unique patented wrap-around design of the Total Comfort Knee Pad provides you with 360º of protection from all angles. No matter what you might be kneeling in or around, the knee pad protects your skin and clothes from any dirt, debris, or water. The fabric is water resistant, oil resistant, and chemical resistant, meaning you’ll always stay dry and protected. Since these knee pads are durable and weather resistant, you can use them inside or take them outside wherever your work requires. If you would like to clean them, simply throw them in the washing machine. These are truly the best knee pads money can buy!

Total Comfort Knee Pad Back View Straps Open


Not only does the knee pad offer the most advanced padding on the market, but it was also designed with the highest quality fabrics. The inside material features a silky smooth fabric that feels soft against your skin. The fabric is breathable and contains moisture-wicking properties, so you always stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Additionally, the patented ergonomically designed curved strap prevents any pinching or binding behind your leg. Talk about comfort!

Total Comfort Green Knee Pad Set

Where is the Proof?

Pressure Mapping Foam Results

Pressure Mapping Results

Unlike competitor foams and gel materials, our foam distributes pressure evenly across its surface area, alleviating any painful pressure points and providing total comfort. You can see the painful pressure points in red and dark orange for the competitor foam test on the far left. Compare that image to our foam test on the right, where there are no pressure points. 

Durability Testing Results

Result have proven our foam materials are guaranteed to maintain up to 98% of their original thickness and performance even after thousands of uses. This type of quality provides a user with consistent comfort, protection, and performance for the life of their product. Most competitors use other foam materials like low density PU and closed cell EVA materials, which break down over time and provide diminishing levels of comfort and performance.


Microscopic Laboratory Results

After comparing our foam to competitor EVA foam, results show the superior performance and cushioning capabilities of our materials. While competitor foams collapse and break down under multiple impacts, our foam withstands pressure without breaking down. The performance and durability of our foam is proven to maintain its original “like new” form and function, even after repeated use.

Who Are They For?

  • Gardeners
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Archeologists
  • Tile Layers
  • Farmers
  • Welders
  • Miners
  • Yoga Enthusiasts
  • Roofers
  • Mechanics
  • Craftsman
  • House Cleaners
  • Custodians
  • Shelf Stockers
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Factory Workers
  • Railroad Workers
  • Construction Workers

Why Do People Love Them?

I used to hate knee pads because they always fell down my leg and distracted me from my planting, but with these gardening knee pads, they always stay put without requiring adjustment.
Kay , Gardener
These are the best knee pads for construction work! They’ve got thick memory foam padding, they don’t pinch my leg, and they actually stay on my knees without constantly falling down!
Joe, Tradesman
The most important thing I needed after my knee replacement was to protect my knees at work. This medical knee pad is super comfortable and the dual layer foam feels better than any knee pad I’ve worn!
David, Knee Replacement Patient
I work on my knees all day as a tile layer, so I’ve become an expert in knee pads. I can say without a doubt, these are by far the most comfortable and best knee pads for work I’ve ever owned!
Ed, Tradesman
I like the design of these knee pads because the straps wrap all the way around my leg and keeps my clothes clean. And they are so comfortable! These are the best knee pads for gardening!
Debbie, Gardener
Kneeling after my total knee replacement surgery used to hurt until now. The padding in these medical knee pads are amazing! When I use these knee pads for cleaning I’m pain free!
Mary, Knee Replacement Patient
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