Total Comfort Knee Pads

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Adjustable One Size. Each order includes a pair of knee pads. (one for each leg) 

  • Advanced pressure relief
  • 1 inch thick memory foams
  • Machine Washable
  • Weather Resistant

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With over two years of research and design, Total Comfort Knee Pads feature some of the most advanced padding and protective qualities. Check out some of the value added benefits below:

This patent pending feature is something completely unique in the knee pad market. It offers a dual density foam core that allows your knees to gradually sink into the padding. The top layer of memory foam is a lower density layer that slowly absorbs the pressure from your knee. After your knee sinks through this top layer, the bottom layer of energy dispersing foam has a higher density structure, which provides a more supportive layer of padding. By combining the two layers of foam with gradual increasing levels of density, you will experience a progressive resistance cushion offering comfort and prolonged support.
This knee pad contains a top layer of custom contouring slow rebound memory foam. It is the only knee pad on the market with real memory foam, providing you with a luxurious kneeling experience described by many people as, “kneeling on clouds.” The memory foam will conform around your knee, giving you a customized one-of-a kind fit. It not only feels great, but it also retains 99% of its structure, even after years of repeated use.
Don’t settle for knee pads that provide limited padding! The foam in this knee pad is over 1 inch thick! There is a top layer of real memory foam for comfort and a bottom layer of energy absorbing foam for prolonged support.
Because of the patent pending ergonomic curve in the straps, this knee pad does not pinch behind your legs. The velcro fastener secures itself on your upper calf, leaving the area behind your knee pinch free!
Instead of containing thin straps, this knee pad was designed with thick straps that are part of the main structure of the knee pad. The straps wrap around your legs and provide you with protection from any dirt, debris, or water. Your skin and clothes are covered from all angles – front, side, and back.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs

Adjustable One Size


Moss Green, Blue, Black


Outside Fabric: Neoprene. Inside Fabric: Nylon/Polyester Blend

Washing Instructions

Machine Wash Cold, With Like Colors, Hang To Dry.

Included in Order

Each order includes two separate knee pads (one for each leg).

12 reviews for Total Comfort Knee Pads

  1. Marcus Jays

    I was one of the first early users to test this product, and it is AMAZING!! The memory foam feels awesome, and I can finally work without any knee pain! Thank you Total Comfort Medical for sending me an early pair to use at work!

  2. Nancy

    Just pre-ordered mine-can’t wait to get it :))))

  3. Eileen

    ATTENTION GARDENERS OR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KNEEL DO ORDINARY CHORES WHO HAS BAD KNEES! TOTAL COMFORT KNEE PADS WITH THEIR MEMORY FOAM AND DESIGN ARE THE BEST! I purchased these knee pads because I have bad knees, but love gardening. I specifically looked for knee pads with “memory foam” since my bed has memory foam which resolved my back pain issues, and so I thought to look for the same relief for my knees. THESE KNEE PADS ARE PHENOMENAL! As a senior citizen who wishes to continue gardening and kneeling down when I need to do domestic chores, these knee pads are simply amazing!

    I have spent the same (if not more) on many other knee pads including Vertex knee pads (where the foam collapses after only a few months), and Bosneesleze pads (where the Velcro gouges the backs of your knees, and you easily tip off of the very high pads side to side when you move, so I returned them), I can tell you these Total Comfort knee pads are SIMPLY THE BEST! They are completely comfortable on the front and backs of your knees (covered backing on the Velcro which does not gouging the backs of your knees), they use a wicking covering fabric (so that sweat does not soak the backs of your knees kneeling from a long time), plus the comfort and balance you feel on the front of the knee pads is unlike any knee pad I have ever tried.

    Save yourself, and your knees, a lot of time and any discomfort in doing your gardening or any kneeling task. Whether you have bad knees, like I do or not, and particularly if you are a gardener, buy Total Comfort knee pads. Like me, you will wish you had found them sooner and not wasted time, money, and so much knee discomfort, on other knee pads.

  4. Gail Stewart

    I just had to let your company know how much I love the Total Comfort Advanced Memory Foam Knee Pads. I had a total knee replacement of my left knee on September 3, 2015. I feared that I would be limited in my yoga practice since it was so painful to get on my knees. Today I wore the Total Comfort Knee pads to my yoga practice, and I had no pain whatsoever when I was on my hands and knees. I looked at other knee pads before just happening to find your website. I knew the other knee pads didn’t appear to have the thickness I needed, and did not address the pressure points that were painful. But your knee pads addressed all those issues. I am so glad I took a chance and ordered them. Thanks for a great product.

  5. Bruce

    These knee pads are very well constructed and the fit is great. Your company has built a better product.

    This morning I used them in my bocce ball league game and they gave my knees comfort and kept them dry since it rained last night. I am looking forward to using them in my work projects around the house.

  6. Dave

    I have used these knee pads a few times and have had good results. They are very comfortable and functional.

  7. Dennis Goudreau

    I had a total knee replacement a few years ago and have tried a lot of knee pads to just do what I used to do around the house. None of them comes close to this knee pad. I tiled a bathroom floor, grouted and cleaned it and had no issues at all! I found that being on my knees felt like before surgery. These pads are great!

  8. Laura Fraioli

    This is the best kneepad I’ve used in my 8 years of working in gardens. I have a gardening business and sometimes end up wearing my kneepads for 5 hours straight – I forget that I have these on because they are so comfortable! I was having a bit of pain in my right knee earlier in the season with my old kneepads, but now that’s gone. My only complaint would be the ‘one size fits all’ strap. I have very thin legs and end up with lots of extra material hanging off the side after they are secured, but I guess this is minor compared to all the other positives. Highly recommend!

  9. Barbara Odonnell

    Like very much

  10. Tom Knowles

    After trying on several different knee pads after having total knee replacement, I can’t say enough about the quality and comfort I have gotten from them. I work on old cars and do a lot of gardening and I’m on my knees almost daily. With the Total Comfort Pads it’s almost like I never had the knee replace. These come in pairs and I actually use the second pad on my other knee for total comfort and to keep my other knee from having the same problem as the first one. I’ve recommended them to others that have had knee replacement and they have had the same results. I’ve had mine for almost a year, have washed them dozens of times and I’m just about to replace them from wearing them out. If you are like me and still enjoy the freedom of doing things you did before knee replacement I highly recommend you try these out. You won’t be disappointed!

  11. Joseph Mallone

    I have not ordered these knee pads because the “one size fits all” doesn’t give me enough information. They should tell you the minimum and maximum leg circumference the closure will accommodate. I have an 18″ leg it would have to go around just below the knee. Will it do that??

    • Total Comfort Medical

      Hey Joseph – thanks for reaching out! The knee pad has some elastic properties, so you will be able to get a little more than the physical circumference of the straps. The actual straps are 7 inches on each side and there is about 5 inches of padding in the center, so overall you have 19 inches of functional circumference.

  12. Total Comfort Medical

    Hey Rachel – thanks for reaching out! The knee pad has some elastic properties, so you will be able to get a little more than the physical circumference of the straps. The actual straps are 7 inches on each side and there is about 5 inches of padding in the center, so overall you have 19 inches of functional circumference.

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