Work Knee Pads

Are you looking for the best knee pads for work? Knee Pads that won’t pinch and bind behind your legs? Ones that won’t slide down while walking or make you feel like your leg is being engulfed all day by a heat trap? Wouldn’t you like knee pads with real memory foam and advanced cushioning that actually feels good on your knees? Well look no further than the Total Comfort knee pads.

If you are a construction worker, contractor, plumber, tile layer, carpenter, roofer, electrician, mechanic, or one of the many other craftsmen who work on your knees all day, then you need a knee pad that can offer you the level of comfort and protection that you deserve. Total Comfort knee pads are not only a great option for all the workers mentioned above, but they are also the first and only Doctor Recommended medical knee pads on the market. With this standard of quality, you should feel comfortable knowing you will be receiving the most advanced protection in the industry.

So what makes these knee pads so special? Let’s start with the best part… the luxurious layers of cushioning comfort. They feature a dual layer progressive resistance memory foam padding. Woah! Let’s break that down. This patent pending feature is basically a fancy way of saying that the padding provides both comfort and long-term support by incorporating multiple layers of foam at different density levels.

Work Knee Pads

The top layer of foam is a real custom contouring memory foam (the only knee pad on the market with REAL memory foam). This memory foam layer provides an initial soft point of contact that will give your knees a soft squishy-like comfort. But this layer alone is too soft to provide a sustainable padding, so there is a second layer of pressure dispersing foam which is more dense than the top layer. This second layer of foam will give you the prolonged support your knees need to feel comfortable.

With the two foam layers working together to provide maximum comfort, the dual density padding will provide you with gradual energy absorption to ensure you will never have kneeling pain again! This advanced cushioning is one of the reasons orthopedic specialists recommend this product to their knee patients. Total Knee Replacement patients use this knee pad for comfort, protection, and peace of mind while at work, around the house, or enjoying a hobby like gardening.

What more could there be? Well we are just getting started! The product has been ergonomically designed with a patent-pending curved strap to prevent any pinching or binding behind your knee. The adjustable velcro straps secure themselves on your upper calf, not on your lower thigh or right behind your knee, so you have a pinch free zone. Ahhh finally relief from annoying straps!

Work Knee Pads

The product also features a patent-pending wrap around design, so the fabric and the foam curve around your knee, ensuring you’ll stay protected from all angles – front, side, and back. The outer fabric is weather proof, so it will repel water, chemicals, and oil. If it happens to get dirty, you can easily clean off the fabric with its wipe-clean ability or you can throw it in the washing machine for a thorough wash.

Finally, with this product you’ll also have a breathable and lightweight knee pad that has moisture-wicking abilities and breathable open-cell foam to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable no matter what you are doing or where you are working. If you still want more information, you can check out some of the laboratory testing and research work we’ve done that proves these are the best work knee pads money can buy. If you are already convinced, buy the most advanced heavy duty knee pads on the market now!

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