Yoga Knee Pads

Have you been looking for yoga knee pads that are small, portable, and stylish? Ones that are smooth, soft, and comfortable? Or maybe even a cushion that is soft yet also supportive for your knees? You’ve come to the right place, because the Total Comfort knee pads are a fan favorite with yoga enthusiasts!

You can finally stop rolling your mats or using extra towels to cushion yours knees. This knee pad has a low profile, so you won’t be embarrassed to wear it to class. Its sleek design is far from the bulky knee pads you are used to seeing with ugly plastic shells on the outside.

Yoga Knee Pads

The best part about this product is it contains over 1 inch of padding with real memory foam. This advanced memory foam is actually more shock absorbing and comfortable than any of the stuff you’ll find in fancy pillows or mattresses.

The entire foam core contains a patent-pending progressive resistance structure, which provides maximum comfort along with prolonged support.

Yoga Knee Pads

Many yoga user’s have described the cushioning as so comfortable, “it feels like you’re kneeling on clouds.”

The Neoprene fabric is also a great feature that you can easily wipe clean after class or just throw the entire knee pad in the washing machine.

The fabric is not itchy or irritating, so you can use it right up against your skin. It’s so smooth and soft that you can wear it with shorts or under your clothes.

Yoga Knee Pads

Better yet, the fabric is also breathable and moisture-wicking, so no matter how hot your yoga gets, you always stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

And don’t worry about the knee pad sliding down your leg during class, we’ve created an ergonomic design that ensures it won’t fall down and the straps won’t pinch behind your knees.

With so many amazing features, it is no surprise that this is the only knee pad recommended by doctors and specifically approved for use by Total Knee Replacement patients.

Are you ready to get comfortable? Purchase your very own knee pad for yoga or learn more about the benefits of having a yoga knee pad on our website.