After searching for a good pair of gardening gloves online, I came across the West County Gardener website. Founded in 2001, West County Gloves were the first high performance gardening gloves developed for new gardeners, professional landscapers, and everyone in-between. But what makes their gloves so special?


To start, they actually come in multiple different sizes for both men and women. For once, a glove might fit exactly right! They call this their signature “snug fit.” With 5-6 different sizes in both mens and womens categories, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit.


They offer 7 different styles of gloves with multiple different color choices for each style. Talk about options! To help narrow things down, I’ll focus on their best selling product, their Work Glove.

West County Gloves


The Work Glove can be used for general yard maintenance, planting, and pruning. The glove is made from supple hi-tech synthetic fabrics, which is a fancy way of saying they are lightweight, flexible, and durable – everything you need in a great gardening glove!


What’s even better is the gloves are reinforced in all the areas that see the roughest work. With this extra layer of protective suede, all the stress points that would normally rip and tear are extra durable. The suede palm also ensures you stay protected from thorns, glass, or any other foreign objects.


The back of the glove is a 4-way nylon stretch mesh, giving you extra ventilation and a more flexible fit. They also have a signature terry cloth thumb that functions as a brow wipe on those hot summer days.

Work Gloves


If they ever get too dirty for your taste, they are machine washable, so they will always stay fresh and clean.


To top things off, you’ll actually be helping the earth by choosing to purchase West County Gloves. What could be better than that! All of the fabric in their gloves are made from recycled water bottles, with each pair actually helping to remove two plastic water bottles from landfills. 


If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves, I would highly recommend checking out all the different styles at West County Gardener. They are not only high-quality and innovative, but I guarantee you will find the right set of gloves for your exact job, at the right size, in your favorite color!